State Representative
Party: Democrat
EMAIL: skipcleaver@comcast.net

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​Skip Cleaver represents the City of Nashua, Ward 8 (Hillsborough District 35) in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives. Skip also serves as the Chairman of the Nashua Democratic City Committee.  As the city's representative in Concord, Skip looks forward to discussions with constituents--bring your questions, concerns, and comments directly to Skip at skipcleaver@comcast.net or by phone at 603-305-9871.

​Skip serves on the House Transportation Committee;  He is a member of the Progressive Caucus, the Veterans' Caucus, Children's Caucus, and the Caucus for Economic Justice.

He brings a strong progressive voice to Concord in representing ALL people in South Nashua.  He believes in an open door policy to hear the questions and concerns of constituents across the board, and will not be influenced by any special interests or lobbyists.  In these very troubling times, New Hampshire needs a dedicated, experienced person of principle in the legislature in Concord. 

​Please check out the platform page for views and goals as well as the notes page for information on the experience and expertise which Skip brings to Concord to represent and defend  the interests of the people of Nashua.  Please support Skip Cleaver, Democrat, as your State Representative.  Skip Forward!!!

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